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Institute Of Charterd Chemists Of Nigeria

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Safety and Health in Handling and use of Chemicals
The Institute has organizing its first diet on Chemical Safety Training (Module 1) - "Safety and Health in Handling and use of Chemicals" .

The workshop, was targeted at People whose work has to do with chemicals
and chemical processes;

(i) Creating awareness on the physical and health hazards of chemicals;

(ii) Introducing the Principles For Controlling Chemical Hazards;(iii)

(iii) Unveiling ways of:

Ř  promoting and rewarding safe practices in chemical handling

Ř  reducing injuries and illnesses in handling chemicals

Ř  eliminating fatalities due to chemical hazards

The 1-Day workshop is scheduled as follows:

Date       9th and 11th June, 2015 

Venue:    Yaba College of Science and Technology*

Time:      9:30am  - 4:00pm

Training Fee:    N 15, 000.00 only per participant.

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